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All Doss students will be returning their chromebook for inspection and repair.  Parents/guardians: please have your student return their chromebook and charger to their acceleration teacher on May 20th. Any lost chargers will be a $15 replacement fee. 
Doss Academy Reveal 2022

Congratulations to the following students who were selected as Who's Who for the Class of 2022!!!  

Class of 2022 Who's Who Recipients:

Tanyah Alexander
Mara Bredehoeft
Charity Broadus
Troy Chruchill
Guadalupe Garcia Estrada
Joleen Gima
Ronelle Hopewell
Israel Ibikunle
Tyeshia Izean
Mung Lian
Yaw Mang
Justin McGaughey
Joshua McGaughey
Diamondique Moore
Emil Murillo
Chris Myhre
Aung Thet Pay
Sudeys Saman
Rayshawn Sloss
Pinny Swe
Nguyen Truong
David Vega Gonzalez
Man Vung
Please check out the latest in our April 2022 Newsletter!
2022 Governors Scholars Program
Doss HS is pleased to announce that two of our students, Ngoc Ho (Kim) and Hanan Mohamed,  have been accepted into the 2022 Governors Scholars Program for the upcoming summer! 

This is a great honor and accomplishment for these students to be selected out of the 1754 students who made it to the State Level Competition.  

We are proud of our Dragon Scholars!
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Dear Doss HS Parent or Guardian,
Jefferson County Public Schools considers the health and well-being of our students a priority. With that in mind, we are partnering with Sphere Dx to host a vaccination clinic  at Doss High School. This clinic will offer the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday March 15th at 12:30pm. All eligible students, family members and school staff may receive their first or second doses or booster vaccinations. If you choose to have your child vaccinated, you will need to provide consent and register your child by going to the VaxCare Enrollment Link: English:  https://patients.vaxcare.com/registration. Use the code: KY63975; Spanish (no code)  https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=24837087¬embedded=1

When you arrive at the school, please check-in at the ticket booth window outside the main entrance.  Someone will meet you at the front door and guide you to the main gym.

We encourage everyone who is receiving the vaccine to register in advance, but on-site registration will be available. If you would like help registering your child please contact the school nurse or Doss High School’s healthy at school officer.

Nurse Davies: v.zdavie@jefferson.kyschools.us 

Healthy at School Officer: michael.slider@jefferson.kyschools.us

A second clinic for follow-up shots will be held at the school at a later date in accordance with new CDC guidance.

A COVID-19 vaccine can help protect family members who are too young to be vaccinated or those who are at increased risk of getting very sick if they are infected. It can also help keep kids return to normal activities.  

Questions: If you have questions or concerns about vaccines, you may call JCPS Health Services at 485-3387 or call the Kentucky COVID-19 Hotline at (800) 722-5725.

Todd Stockwell
Executive Principal, Doss High School
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Attention 11th grade students: see below for ACT dates by academy at Doss and note your calendars now.

March 8 – T&D A-K
March 9 – T&D L-Z
March 10 – B&E A-K
March 15 – B&E L-Z
March 16 – STEM A-K
March 17 – STEM L-Z

March 22, 23, 24 and March 29, 30, 31 MAKEUP Window
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Click on the link to view the Doss High School Promotional Video Doss Video 2021-22
Doss High School 2021-2022

The administration reserves the right to determine whether or not clothing and/or accessories are inappropriate for the school environment and/or disruptive to the educational process. Students who are not in compliance will be given the opportunity to correct the problem, and if not able, will face disciplinary action.

Head Wear
  • No head coverings of any kind may be worn (except those approved by administration for religious observance).
  • No hoods may be worn over the head at any time in the building.
  • No bandanas (of any color) may be worn, carried, or visible at any time in the building. 
  • These items may be confiscated by administration and returned to the student at the end of the day, semester, or upon administrator discretion.

  • All top clothing must overlap the bottom clothing. No stomach/mid-section can be uncovered.
  • No tank tops, no spaghetti strap shirts, no off-the-shoulder shirts, and no jerseys (unless a sleeved shirt is worn underneath) may be worn.
  • No inappropriately sheer, tight, loose, or low cut tops that bare or expose the stomach, back, cleavage, buttocks, or underwear may be worn.
  • Clothing that displays references to drugs, alcohol, smoking, or other controlled substances, illegal activity, weapons, violence, offensive slogans or designs, sexual innuendo, or emulation of gang affiliation will not be permitted.

  • Pants/bottom clothing is to be worn at the waist. 
  • Sweat pants must be banded at the waist. 
  • No sheer pants/bottom clothing may be worn. 
  • Any and all bottom clothing (including shorts/skorts/skirts/dresses) must be longer than finger-tip length (where the student’s fingertips fall when they naturally hang arms by their sides).
  • Pants/bottom clothing with “distressed” styling or holes must not reveal any skin higher than finger-tip length.

  • Shoes must be worn.
  • No cloth-soled shoes or house shoes may be worn.

Other Restrictions
  • No clothing or accessories (shirts, tags, buttons, ribbons, hats, etc.) may be worn in memorial of the deceased (for example: RIP, MCIP, MBIP, etc.). 
  • No blankets or pillows may be carried by students or utilized in the classroom.

Doss High School is proud to partner with several local businesses to guarantee authentic, relevant learning experiences for our students. These partners engage with the Doss community during advisory board meetings; make generous donations of money, time, and talent; host field trips; come in as. guest speakers; and employ our students. We are grateful for all they do to support the Doss family! 

Doss High School
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