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Students enrolled in the Automation Engineering pathway at Doss High School were among the first people in the U.S. to check out the high tech, electric, driverless trucks GE Appliances will be operating at Appliance Park. Talk about an awesome field trip! 

View the video here

Doss Family, see the attached flyer for more information about an upcoming ACT Boot Camp. 

ACT Boot Camp Informational Flyer with link to PDF
Attendance Winners

October and November Perfect Attendance Champions

Please check out the following link to see our Doss Attendance Champions for the week of 11/1 to 11/5. All of these individuals had perfect attendance for the week. These names will be posted on the window of the front office. If your name is on the window, please see Mrs.Carole at the front desk and she will give you a Doss Buck.  Congratulations!

An even bigger congratulations to the students on the following link for having perfect attendance during the entire month of October!  If your name is on this list, you will receive 4 Doss Bucks from Carole at the front desk.  

Congratulations to all these students and families for doing what it takes to get here each and every day! 

Doss HS October/November 2021 Newsletter

Hello Doss Family! Please view our October/November Newsletter for all the fun things going on at Doss!
Virtual Social Justice + Art Exhibition
Doss Family - Check out the flyer below for more information about our Virtual Social Justice + Art Exhibition.

Social Justice and art flyer

Register to receive the meeting link
Contact Taylor Utley by email with any questions.
Test to Stay

Attention Doss Parents/Guardians:

If your child is participating in a sport, club, or other organization that meets regularly after school, they must be registered for weekly testing by this Friday, October 29th.  Please follow the latest guidance from JCPS to see how to register for testing.  I am also including this link with a question and answer document for parents/guardians from the district.  If you have trouble registering online, please have your student pick up a hard copy of the registration form from the front office.  

Please note - If your student’s club or organization does not meet at least once a week, they do not have to participate in this process.

Please call Doss HS at 502-485-8239 or email michael.slider@jefferson.kyschools.us with any questions.
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Click on the link to view the Doss High School Promotional Video Doss Video 2021-22
Doss HS September 2021 Newsletter

Hello Dragon Nation! 

We hope you have an amazing Fall Break! Check out all of the great things we accomplished in September in our Doss HS September 2021 Newsletter. We look forward to seeing you next Monday!
cnxt logo

Doss HS Families and Students,

Many of you already receive timely communications from Doss on your cell phone through the School CNXT app.  If you are not on this convenient system yet, we will be sending out an email/text invite on Friday through Messenger based on the contact information we have in Infinite Campus for your son or daughter. When you receive your invite, please follow these simple directions: 
  1. Download the app on your phone and computer.  We highly recommend your phone so alerts will be in the palm of your hand.
    Directions for downloading app
  2. Use the code sent to your email to log on to the system.  If you do not receive a code through your email/text for some reason, or you just do not want to wait for the invite, please go to the link below.  You can retrieve your own code by entering some basic, household information.

If you have any questions about School CNXT, you can contact Mr. Slider by email @ michael.slider@jefferson.kyschools.us. As always, thank you for supporting the students and staff at Doss HS!
Covid-19 Information Graphic

DRIVE-THRU TESTING | Our 22 drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites for JCPS staff, students, and families are open from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m Monday-Friday every week. Doss High School, Highland Middle School, Meyzeek Middle School, and Newcomer Academy are NEW sites starting this week. SphereDX, the testing company, highly recommends pre-registering to ensure you will be tested. Click here to register. Please be sure you enter the correct information like name and birthdate, or your test results won't be available.

FREE VACCINATIONS | COVID-19 vaccinations are available across Jefferson County to anyone 12 years of age or older. Click here to find locations providing the vaccine near you.
what do you need written on paper

Attention Doss Parents and Students!

We want to better serve YOU! Please take this needs assessment so we know how to best support you. Thank you..

Complete the YSC Parent Survey Here

Complete the YSC HS Student Survey Here
Weekly Covid 19 Screening is available for all Doss students right at the school.  If you would like for your student to receive weekly screening, please go to the JCPS Parent Portal Page to fill out the proper form.  You may also print out this ATTACHED DOCUMENT  and have your student turn it in at the front office.  Please contact Doss’s Healthy at School Officer, Mr. Slider, with any questions.  (michael.slider@jefferson.kyschools.us).  
IMPORTANT: Parent Place Account for Required School Forms
Doss HS Parents and Guardians,
Pleas follow these steps to set up your Parent Place account in order to complete the required yearly school forms online instead of paper copy.  If you set your account up last year, you can just sign in and complete the forms, or if you have never done this online, you can set up an account and then complete the forms. Thank you!


Scroll down and click on "REGISTER AND APPLY" BUTTON

Click on the "COMPLETE FORMS" button.

If you have previously set up a PARENT PLACE account, you can sign into your account and complete the required forms for this year.

If you have not set up a PARENT PLACE account, you can create your account and complete the forms.

Doss High School 2021-2022

The administration reserves the right to determine whether or not clothing and/or accessories are inappropriate for the school environment and/or disruptive to the educational process. Students who are not in compliance will be given the opportunity to correct the problem, and if not able, will face disciplinary action.

Head Wear
  • No head coverings of any kind may be worn (except those approved by administration for religious observance).
  • No hoods may be worn over the head at any time in the building.
  • No bandanas (of any color) may be worn, carried, or visible at any time in the building. 
  • These items may be confiscated by administration and returned to the student at the end of the day, semester, or upon administrator discretion.

  • All top clothing must overlap the bottom clothing. No stomach/mid-section can be uncovered.
  • No tank tops, no spaghetti strap shirts, no off-the-shoulder shirts, and no jerseys (unless a sleeved shirt is worn underneath) may be worn.
  • No inappropriately sheer, tight, loose, or low cut tops that bare or expose the stomach, back, cleavage, buttocks, or underwear may be worn.
  • Clothing that displays references to drugs, alcohol, smoking, or other controlled substances, illegal activity, weapons, violence, offensive slogans or designs, sexual innuendo, or emulation of gang affiliation will not be permitted.

  • Pants/bottom clothing is to be worn at the waist. 
  • Sweat pants must be banded at the waist. 
  • No sheer pants/bottom clothing may be worn. 
  • Any and all bottom clothing (including shorts/skorts/skirts/dresses) must be longer than finger-tip length (where the student’s fingertips fall when they naturally hang arms by their sides).
  • Pants/bottom clothing with “distressed” styling or holes must not reveal any skin higher than finger-tip length.

  • Shoes must be worn.
  • No cloth-soled shoes or house shoes may be worn.

Other Restrictions
  • No clothing or accessories (shirts, tags, buttons, ribbons, hats, etc.) may be worn in memorial of the deceased (for example: RIP, MCIP, MBIP, etc.). 
  • No blankets or pillows may be carried by students or utilized in the classroom.
Doss HS 2021-2022 School Year
Parents and Guardians, you should have received a packet in the mail including important information for the upcoming school year. This information includes dates for Registration for all grades, an overview of our Athletic Programs, an updated 2021-2022 School Calendar, a copy of the new Block Schedule for Doss this year, and a Flyer for the July 22 Doss ExDRAGONza - a community, job, health, and back to school fair!
Please see the attached documents to reference these materials. They are the same as we mailed out. Please visit dosshighschool.com for up-to-date information at any time, and feel free to call (502)485-8239 with any questions. 
Parent Letter 
Back to School ExDRAGONza 
New Daily Block Schedule 
School Calendar 
Athletics Information 

Doss High School is proud to partner with several local businesses to guarantee authentic, relevant learning experiences for our students. These partners engage with the Doss community during advisory board meetings; make generous donations of money, time, and talent; host field trips; come in as. guest speakers; and employ our students. We are grateful for all they do to support the Doss family! 

Doss High School
7601 St Andrews Church Rd,
Louisville, KY 40214

Phone: 502-485-8239